Our Center & Float Rooms

Understanding that you may need something different, depending on what day of the week it is, we offer you three roads to balance and harmony.

Each of our float rooms comes with a private suite designed to create a natural environment that lends a hand to your pursuit for health and relaxation. Each suite includes an organic shower - organic shampoos, filtered water and towels washed with organic detergents. As fun as floating is, we're very serious about you health and ours. Come and feel the difference.

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What we offer & Why

“It is not enough to build modern factory buildings. The time has come when we must go beyond this and see that the man at work, the man who really makes the factory possible, has ideal living conditions. . . It is mental as well as physical health that must be offered to him”. Jared Sidney Torrance Jared Sidney Torrance, 1921

This very reason was key in the formation of Float Clinic. Floatation Therapy is unique in the categories of mind/body medicine, because it addresses both the mind and the body at the same time with unparalleled efficiency. Healers in the ages before modern medicine knew that the body can only be as healthy as the mind will allow it to be. As we see it, the biggest gift we can give ourselves, our communities and society as a whole is the opportunity to regain control over our minds and our health, hence Float Clinic & all the benefits of Floatation Therapy, most prominently:

How Does It Work?

Frequent floaters will tell you that the more you float, the better it gets, the longer you float, the longer your body rests and rebuilds. Your brain begins to release endorphins and dopamine, in turn reducing stress hormones, and immune function begins to boost, while Epsom salt relaxes your muscles and nerves. Magnesium and sulfur deficiencies begin to replenish as your skin regulates their absorption, and at the end of your session, a gentle music helps you emerge out of your session, ready to face the world with a fresh mind and revitalized body. How great is that?

Our goal is to bring Floatation Therapy to as many people as possible, in hopes that we will empower everyone to experience an optimized version of themselves, and have a better understanding of how to operate the super computers we call our mind and body.

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