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The act of floating, by nature, is effortless. What happens while you float, however, is a whole other story. Sensory deprivation, gravity reduction and Epsom salt unleash a symphony of physical and mental benefits, some involuntary, and others very much in your control. The resulting Theta State, in particular, offer a rare opportunity to access the heights of your creativity and thinking capacity.

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How It Works

1000 lbs of Epsom Salt dissolved in 280 gallons of water. No light, No Sound. No Distractions. Very Little Gravity.

As you enter your float room and recline into position, the dissolved Epsom salt completely supports your body, the result of which is you floating. Suspended in a buoyant state above 10" of water, the letting go begins. At first, it may take some effort to truly let go, however, once you do, you begin to experience the world within. Your physical body begins to disappear from perception in the skin temperature water and though fully awake, you find yourself in a deeply relaxed state where boundaries of your mind disappear.

The benefits of Flotation Therapy and R.E.S.T have been breaking preconceived notions about physical and mental health for the past 60 years. Here's a short list of publications detailing the finding and correlations > Float Research

At Float Clinic, we strongly believe that the best way to know what works for you is to try it for yourself and see. Self observation often can answer many questions that trouble us in our daily lives. All that is needed is an open and curious mind. If nothing more, floating offers one of the most relaxing experiences available to us. That alone is worth the trip.

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