Our Partnerships

"There is power in numbers" as the old saying goes, and for that reason we offer our knowledge and experience to practitioners of the healing arts interested in opening their own Float Clinic, and doing so under the umbrella of a networks whose mission is the implementation and exploration of Floatation Therapy as a one of a kind, powerful tool in wellness.

As we all know, the challenges and risks associated with starting any new business can be significantly reduced by not having to reinvent the wheel, and by joining an established network, which has already vetted out the pitfalls / missteps of planning, design and operations and can offer significant cost savings in the most expensive initial stage of any startup. Float Clinicâ„¢ partnerships are designed to do this very thing and to streamline the process towards success.

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What we offer

The benefits we offer to Float Clinic partners address the key areas we have found to be most costly and high risk for new businesses, and particularly businesses associated with underexposed industries.

As a Float Clinic partner, we will guide you though the implementation and execution of our business model & strategies, making the process of opening your own Float Clinic an exciting and empowering one.

What You Will Receive

  • Business model & startup plan
  • Custom Float Rooms at cost
  • Manual for business operations
  • Financial planning and management tools
  • Location analysis, property evaluation & condition consultation
  • Architectural design, planning & permitting assistance
  • Interior design planning, 3D rendering & implementation assistance
  • Integration into Float Clinic's tested & proven marketing program
  • Integration into Float Clinic's website & booking/processing systems
  • Technical manual of our Float Room operations & maintenance
  • Promotional products - brochures, ads, press releases

Qualifications We Look For

In order to maintain the ethos upon which Float Clinic was founded and to establish long term relationships, we look for certain qualities and shared values in our Float Clinic Partners. The interview process with the franchisee board is intended to establish a mutual understanding of purpose and vision. Upon approval by all franchisees, the implementation can begin.

We also look for specific professional/educational qualifications, which include 1 year minimum vocational training or higher education in the healing / medical arts, 3 years minimum professional experience in the healing / medical arts, and extensive knowledge about Floatation Therapy, its history and benefits.

To learn more about how we can work together, please send us an e-mail outlining the specifics of your interest & intent. Please include "PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITY" in the subject line of your e-mail to partners@floatclinic.com

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