Our Center

Run by a Holistic Practitioner, our Torrance location has 3 float rooms, each in a unique private suite with gracious "organic" showers - (organic shampoos, filtered water and towels washed with organic detergent). Our goal is your most comfortable float experience possible.

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Our Filtration

Hygiene - above all else is our priority. We have chosen to overkill in this area to ensure that every experience is healthy. We have an NSF certified filtration as part of a 6 phase system, and sanitization with UV & a small amount of H2O2 before each float. No compromises here.

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Our Research

There are hundreds of studies on the benefits of floatation, but there is nothing quite as reaffirming as first hand testimonials. For this very reason, we offer a research program that will focus on a handful of specific ailments at a time through first hand accounts. Interested?

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If you are in the healing arts and would like to have your own Float Clinic, get in touch with us to learn more about our franchise opportunities & strategic partnerships. As a Float Clinic, you'll have access to our research program, marketing, along with numerous other benefits.

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Floating in History

Healing with water since Hippocrates

Floatation therapy may have sparked in the mid 50's, however water has been a medium of healing long before that. Floatation therapy took it to a whole new level. This reemergence was due to renewed interest in neurophysiology, with John C. Lily pioneering the way. For the past 60 years, research has been accumulating on then benefits of floating, and as we enter the age of ever present technology, reconnecting with our inner self has become more vital than ever, and this is before we even begin to speak about the health benefits.

Our Commitment


We adhere to strict sanitary guidelines of the Float Tank Association. Our tanks are cleaned, filtered and tested before each float to ensure a natural & healthy float. Our facility & tanks are also designed with easy to clean materials for optimum hygiene.


In addition to floatation, our herbal supplements are available by request. We believe that natural healing is the only lasting path and we're hear to help you along.


Third but not least, we are committed to contributing to ongoing research on the benefits of flotation and all the physical and physiological illnesses it can remedy. Let us know if you want to participate.

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