Mental Performance, Super Learning & Creativity

The magical zone of neutrality

This area is a deep conversation that can take up several websites and several lifetimes to fully unravel. In short, studies show meditation strengthens the brain and the connections between its cells. The power of meditation is increased with number of years practiced, mainly because reaching the elusive theta state is more challenging than most may think. Floating, however, creates a much easier entry into the theta state, hence enabling more effective meditation for beginners and masters alike.

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Operating Factors

Sensory Deprivation, Epsom Salt, & Gravity Reduction all have a hand in enhancing mental performance

We can probably all agree that it is easiest to learn and access our creativity when there are no distractions, physical or external, hence floating:
  1. Sensory Deprivation - Learn, process and retain info with more resources available
  2. Epsom Salt - Absorb more information undistracted by stress & pain
  3. Gravity Reduction - Feel free of ~ 80% of your body weight
  4. Theta Frequencies- Help your body release nitric oxide, as well as endorphins

Constants, variables and opportunities

If we consider the fact that our bodies are in the hands of time, the core of who we are is constant and our awareness only heightens as we get older, it should be an obvious choice to determine where our efforts are best invested. As important as it is to take good care of our bodies so they last us a lifetime, the mind is manyfold more influential in determining the quality of our experience. Come float & help your self.

Stress & Pain Relief

Stress & pain relief are two of the most reported benefits.

Deep Relaxation

60 minute float is the equivalent of 4 hours of deep sleep!

Accelerated Healing

Free of external stimuli, the body heals faster.


Pregnant floaters escape the pains of gravity & enjoy deep revitalization.

Physical Performance

Floating improves physical & mental performance.

Mental Performance

Floating helps process and retain information with greater efficiency.