Accelerated Healing & Injury Recovery

Physical injury can have emotional and psychological implications, IF we surrender to it. However, joining you're body's fight for health is a whole other ball game

There are few things more empowering than taking control of circumstances. When the mind controls the body, and more importantly helps it, positive outcomes follow. Floatation therapy can be part of that choice to help your body overcome injury and give it all possible resources to succeed more quickly in recovery.

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Operating Factors

Sensory Deprivation, Epsom Salt, & Gravity Reduction all have a hand in helping you heal more quickly and more efficiently

Going back to the computer metaphor, healing (rebuilding) a broken bone or other types of injuries require more physical resources than regular activities, just as building a 3D model in your computer requires more digital resources than browsing the internet or checking e-mail. To succeed in both, there needs to be some degree of memory/resource re-allocation. Here's how floating can help:
  1. Sensory Deprivation - Rest response systems, free up resources for recovery
  2. Epsom Salt - Relax the muscles and begin to repair
  3. Gravity Reduction - Feel ~80% weightless & allow muscle memory to take shape
  4. Deep Meditation - Help your body release nitric oxide (regulates bone healing)

Be an active participant instead of a bystander

Though this is an open door for one of those great overused proverbs like "two heads are better than one", we can't help but agree. Floatation therapy does just that - frees up several heads(sources of energy) to help healing and recovery .

Stress & Pain Relief

Stress & pain relief are two of the most reported benefits.

Deep Relaxation

60 minute float is the equivalent of 4 hours of deep sleep!

Accelerated Healing

Free of external stimuli, the body heals faster.


Pregnant floaters escape the pains of gravity & enjoy deep revitalization.

Physical Performance

Floating improves physical & mental performance.

Mental Performance

Floating helps process and retain information with greater efficiency.