We are born floating

It's an interesting and telling parallel to consider that we enter the world after developing for 9 months in an organic floatation tank - our mother's womb filled with amniotic fluid. Nature has given us every possible clue to the path of further development after birth by having the most critical and formative stage of human development occur in this "organic floatation tank".

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Operating Factors

Sensory Deprivation, Epsom Salt, & Gravity Reduction all have a hand in pain reduction and healthy development in pregnancy

Research has begun to show that our time in the womb has life long implications for us. Stress during pregnancy can disrupt natural hormonal development in offspring. So when you're responsible for two, there is not better time to float, relax and meditate:
  1. Sensory Deprivation - Heighten connections with your baby
  2. Epsom Salt - Relax and relieve stress & pain
  3. Gravity Reduction - Feel 80% weightlessness
  4. Deep Meditation - Help you body release nitric oxide as well as endorphins

Maintaining your Zen

As important as it is to maintain your Zen during pregnancy, the real challenge comes after the delivery. Reported lack of sleep, postpartum depression and physical recovery can all be remedied by floating.

Stress & Pain Relief

Stress & pain relief are two of the most reported benefits.

Deep Relaxation

60 minute float is the equivalent of 4 hours of deep sleep!

Accelerated Healing

Free of external stimuli, the body heals faster.


Pregnant floaters escape the pains of gravity & enjoy deep revitalization.

Physical Performance

Floating improves physical & mental performance.

Mental Performance

Floating helps process and retain information with greater efficiency.