Stress & Pain
(aka Cause & Effect)

Unless you're still in the womb, stress is a factor in your life as well. Learning to manage it is the key to enjoying the ride.

There are many reasons why floating reduces / relieves stress and pain. Before delving into this, however, it must be said that many (not all) physical pains are stress or defense responses. As studied by Dr. John E. Sarno, physical pain is often the unconscious mind creating a physical pain to distract us from an emotional pain.

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Operating Factors

Sensory Deprivation, Epsom Salt, & Gravity Reduction all have a hand in helping you overcome stress and pain

Stress, a response to perceived danger, and a precursor to the decision to fight or flee is a great system, but these days, this system is on overload. The result is high levels of stress over a lifetime resulting in many degenerative illness. Here's how floating can help:
  1. Sensory Deprivation - Turn off external stimuli, in turn, resting your nervous system
  2. Epsom Salt - Relax your muscles with Magnesium & Sulfurand, and begin to repair
  3. Gravity Reduction - With 80% weightlessness, feel less physical burden & less pain
  4. Theta Brain Waves - Self reprogramm to better manage the waking world

The invaluable value of your health is in your hands.

Though both stress and pain seem so easy to overcome when looking at it from the outside, the work of actually doing it takes more than a pep talk. Floating is that extra boost, giving you a winning chance to take control of your body, your mind and shape your experience.

Stress & Pain Relief

Stress & pain relief are two of the most reported benefits.

Deep Relaxation

60 minute float is the equivalent of 4 hours of deep sleep!

Accelerated Healing

Free of external stimuli, the body heals faster.


Pregnant floaters escape the pains of gravity & enjoy deep revitalization.

Physical Performance

Floating improves physical & mental performance.

Mental Performance

Floating helps process and retain information with greater efficiency.