Let it all go and float

Get ready to discover one of the most powerful tools for restoring and revitalizing your total health through float therapy. It’s a wellness practice backed by a growing body of research showing effects for your mind and body.

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See how your life can change by floating

Floating (also known as float therapy or sensory deprivation) is a unique practice in an environment that involves no light, no sound, and no pressures on your body as you float effortlessly on top of water supersaturated with high-quality epsom salts.

“I cannot say enough good about my first float”

Kaitie P.5-Star Google Review

There are many therapeutic benefits of floatation therapy


Studies are starting to show the benefits for our mental health.


Boost your energy, reduce pain and recover faster.


Dive deeper into a mindfulness and meditation practice.


Stretch past your goals as the benefits of floating compound.

Our goal is to have your float exceed expectations

Come visit us in beautiful Old Town Torrance and check out our 3 float rooms, Sol, Luna, and Terra (ADA accessible), each in a uniquely designed private suite for your session. Our center has been engineered to provide the best float experience possible


Floating Practice

Why Floating Is One Of The Most Healthy Habits

September 7, 2021
Have you heard of floating (also known as float therapy or sensory deprivation) before?Here’s why it’s one of the healthiest habits that you can add to your life to always…
Float Science & Research

The Science Behind Float Therapy

May 6, 2021
Did you know that the float tank started off as a research tool back in the 1950's by John C. Lily? Since then, it's become much more popular as a…
Floating Practice

Why You Should Prioritize Floating

May 6, 2021
There is a Zen proverb that goes something like this: “If you don't have time to meditate for an hour everyday, you should meditate for two hours.” The benefits of meditation are significant, especially with…

We've made headlines and so has float therapy

Most importantly, the float tank is not a hypothetical laboratory phenomenon, but a viable, proven technology

Dr. Henry AdamsNational Institute of Mental Health, Washington

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