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Get ready to discover one of the most potent tools for revitalizing your health with float therapy. It’s a wellness practice backed by a growing body of research showing effects for your mind and body. Now we’ve added even more services to elevate your wellness!

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See how your life can change by floating

Floating (also known as float therapy or sensory deprivation) is a unique wellness practice in an environment that involves no light, no sound, and no pressure on your body as you float effortlessly on top of water supersaturated with high-quality Epsom salts. Our private Float Rooms all have cabins that provide one of the largest and most comfortable floats.

The best experience I've had hands down. I feel refreshed & reborn. Like a new man. The staff was extremely helpful & informative being that it was my first time going.

Jae R.Verified 5-Star Yelp Review

There are many therapeutic benefits of floatation therapy


Studies are starting to show the benefits for our mental health.


Boost your energy, reduce pain and recover faster.


Dive deeper into a mindfulness and meditation practice.


Stretch past your goals as the benefits of floating compound.

WOW!!! What a great experience. I cannot say enough good about my first float and I am so thankful to FINALLY have a place to shut everything off. I have still continued to feel the benefits of my session, even weeks after just one time!!

Kaitie P.Verified 5-Star Google Review

Now Available!

New services to elevate your wellness with greater benefits

Our goal is to have your float exceed expectations

Come visit us in beautiful Old Town Torrance and check out our 3 float rooms, Sol, Luna, and Terra (ADA accessible), each in a uniquely designed private suite for your session. Our center has been engineered to provide the best float experience possible. We are expanding now to add on two infrared saunas, halotherapy, cold plunge (contrast therapy), and massage therapy as well!

We've made headlines and so has float therapy

Most importantly, the float tank is not a hypothetical laboratory phenomenon, but a viable, proven technology

Dr. Henry AdamsNational Institute of Mental Health, Washington

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